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  12 Apr 2018 Chairman of CSIA Zhou Zixue: No Winner in the Trade War, China’s Semiconductor Development Should Take Three Steps (Chinese Version)  
  20 Mar 2018 Semiconductor Industry in Mainland China Enters An Accelerated Period (Chinese Version)  
  02 Mar 2018 SMIC Signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Shaoxing (Chinese Version)  
  09 Feb 2018 SMIC Accelerates 14 nm Technology and It is Expected to Put into Production in 2019  
  07 Feb 2018 70% Capacity of SMIC is Filled by Hisilicon, Qualcomm and FPC  
  29 Jan 2018 SMIC is in the Transition Period, Technology is The Key (Chinese Version)  
  19 Jan 2018 SMIC had been on the 2017 Chinese Patent Top 10 List (Chinese Version)  
  08 Jan 2018 SMIC Could Benefit from Price Rise of 8-Inch Wafer Production(Chinese Version)  

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