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Foundry Solutions Overview
• Advanced Logic
• 28nm MPW & Offering
• 28nm IP & Service
• 40nm
• 65nm/55nm
• Mature Logic
• 90nm, 0.13/0.11µm, 0.15µm,   0.18µm, 0.25µm, 0.35µm
• eNVM
• Mixed Signal & RF
• Analog & Power
• Display Driver IC (DDIC)
• CMOS Image Sensor (CIS)
• Non-Volatile Memory (NVM)
• IoT Solutions
• Automotive
Turnkey Services
Fab Information
Mask Services
Multi-Project Wafer Service
Lab Services
Certifications like ISO/TS-16949 and AEC-Q-100-Rev G are the baseline for automotive products. SMIC’s automotive offerings follow these requirements and even go beyond through continual improvement. We strive for outstanding quality and zero defects.

SMIC is focused on:

  • Qualified Production (incl. QMS) and Service Centers
  • Process Qualifications and Quality Control in Production
  • Design Enablement for high-quality designs
  • Automotive focused Technology offerings
SMIC is committed to serve its customers with the highest quality and reliability in the three main areas automotive semiconductor products are used.

Digital Domain

  • For ADAS, Infotainment, and Telematics
  • Technologies 55nm and below (incl. eNVM)

Analog Domain

  • For Interfaces, Bus (LIN, CAN), and Power Drivers
  • Technologies 90nm and above including BCD

Sensing Domain

  • High-end CIS, TOF, LIDAR, and SPAD