Foundry Solutions Overview
• Advanced Logic
• 28nm MPW & Offering
• 28nm IP & Service
• 40nm
• 65nm/55nm
• Mature Logic
• 90nm, 0.13/0.11µm, 0.15µm,   0.18µm, 0.25µm, 0.35µm
• eNVM
• Mixed Signal & RF
• Analog & Power
• Display Driver IC (DDIC)
• CMOS Image Sensor (CIS)
• Non-Volatile Memory (NVM)
• IoT Solutions
• Automotive
Turnkey Services
Fab Information
Mask Services
Multi-Project Wafer Service
Lab Services
SMIC Now, our customer Web portal, provides round-the-clock, online access to information and services such as real-time manufacturing data, sales and post-sales support, IP libraries, lot tracking and logistics. With a suite of six online services, SMIC Now meets our customers' needs.

The online solutions available to our customers include: SMIC Now Sales Support
The Sales Support portal allows instant access to customer forms, sales and post-sales service requests, and sales and engineering contacts at SMIC.

SMIC Now Technical Documents
A library of technical files for all SMIC process technologies currently available.

SMIC Now Design Service Documents
An available library of design services files and forms for current SMIC library, IP and reference design support documents. Seamless integration allows order-on-demand for most services.

SMIC Now Quality & Reliability
Customers may access quality and reliability information and project reports such as process control management data, Wafer Sort BIN Map and summary reports.

SMIC Now Production Information
Up-to-date production information, such as WIP, Mask WIP, lot history and scrap reports, is available to customers.

SMIC Now Logistical Information
Project and order logistical information is available for immediate status updates and tracking. Shipping information, billing reports, order history and backlog summaries are conveniently available.

To apply for an SMIC Now account, please submit an application online, or contact one of our regional offices

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