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SMIC's Fab SMIC is a pure-play IC foundry established in 2000 that provides wafer fabrication services on 200-millimeter (mm) and 300 mm wafers at 0.35-micron (μm) to 28-nanometer (nm) technology. As one of the top foundries in the world and the largest and the most advanced in China, SMIC’s headquarters is strategically located in Shanghai, a key industrial and commercial center in China, home to a fast-growing electronics market and vast and stable resources including human capital, land, and utilities.

SMIC SH 200mm Fab (Fab1), BJ 300mm Fab 1 (Fab2 P1) and BJ 300mm Fab 2 (Fab2 P2) offer a wide range of manufacturing technologies using the One Mega Fab design. The concept behind this unique fab arrangement is to prevent metal contamination to the front-end processes by separating front-end wafer fabrication from the back-end. It also enables customers to access copper interconnect services without making capital investment in a copper line. In addition, it ensures our customers the same production quality at any of our SMIC fabs.

SMIC Shanghai
SMIC's headquarters is located in Shanghai's Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, home to a growing number of local and international semiconductor companies and conveniently located midway between Shanghai's two major airports. SMIC’s Shanghai Fab consists of SH 200mm Fab (Fab1) that processes wafer at 0.35um to 90nm, and SH 300mm Fab (Fab8 P1) that processes wafers at 45/40nm to 28nm. SMIC's Shanghai fab was honored with Semiconductor International's "2003 Top Fab of the Year" award. This accolade was achieved just a little over a year after pilot production began at SMIC’s first Shanghai fab.

SMIC Beijing
SMIC has an advanced 300mm facility in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area. SMIC’s Beijing fab shares the same mega fab concept behind SMIC’s Shanghai fab layout, setting the milestone as China’s very first 300mm fab and offering manufacturing technologies at 0.18um to 28nm. SMIC BJ 300mm Fab 1 (Fab2 P1) and BJ 300mm Fab 2 (Fab2 P2) are both in mass production stage.

SMIC Tianjin
SMIC has TJ 200mm Fab 1 (Fab7 P1) located in Tianjin's Xiqing Economic Development Area. The fab processes wafers at 0.35μm to 90nm, enabling SMIC to meet its increasing capacity needs and provide greater flexibility in meeting the requirements of our global customer base.

SMIC Shenzhen
SMIC Shenzhen fab is located in PingShan New Area, Shenzhen. SMIC SZ 200mm Fab (Fab5) is a 200mm fab and processes wafers at 0.35μm to 90nm. The successful expansion of Shenzhen fab since has offered more 200mm capacities to meet increasing customers’ and markets’ demands.

LFoundry – A SMIC Company
LFoundry is now a SMIC Company after SMIC completed the acquisition of its majority share. LFoundry has LF 200mm Fab (Fab9) located in Avezzano, Italy and is a leading specialized foundry. LFoundry’s 200mm fab processes wafers at 0.35μm to 90nm. Through this acquisition, SMIC has also formally entered into the global automotive electronics market and have also strengthened its technology offerings and capacity to customers.

Joint Venture

Toppan SMIC Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (TSES)
Aimed at meeting the needs of its customers and to enhance its services, SMIC established a joint venture with Toppan in Shanghai - Toppan SMIC Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (TSES), to manufacture on-chip color filters and micro lenses for CMOS image sensors.

SJ Semiconductor Corporation (SJSEMI)
SJ Semiconductor is a majority owned subsidiary of SMIC, other investors include China National IC Fund, JCET, and Qualcomm. SJSemi is the World’s first pure 12” MEoL (Middle-End of Line) with focus on advanced bumping, wafer testing, DPS, FC, WLP, TSV, Interposer, F/O, 3D and related production and services.

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