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Employee Care
Physical Health All SMIC sites have health centers providing 24-hour general care, consultation and emergency services to employees. Employees can receive health services from our experienced and caring professionals. Annual physical checkup service is also extended to our employees’ family members.

SMIC is proud to be able to offer a unique and comprehensive medical insurance package to all employees and affordable health plans to their family members. In addition to statutory medical insurance, SMIC provides private insurance to local employees. Overseas employees from outside mainland China, regardless of work location, are well-covered by a global medical insurance plan.

The company also arranges regular aerobic dance classes and health education courses to promote physical activity and healthy living.


Mental Health SMIC is the pioneer that established the first in-house Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in mainland China providing professional psychological counseling. Employees who are facing problems and need psychological support may get timely professional assistance from this program, no matter whether the problem is work-related or personal.

Aside from counseling, the EAP provides many workshops and programs on various topics, such as stress management, communications, personality analysis, and self-assessment. The program works in cooperation with external psychology professionals and EAP organizations in order to provide the most updated and advanced information and coaching to our employees, to help them maintain a positive attitude toward work and life.

Marriage and Family Relationships SMIC wants its employees to have healthy family lives. A large number of programs are implemented throughout the company to help employees with work-life balance: the Family Care plan, workshops and events for singles and marriage enrichment programs for couples, etc. Workshops and training sessions related to marriage and family relationships are periodically given by professional counselors.

Social and Community Commitment
  SMIC treasures the parents of its employees. The company established a senior activity center in the Living Quarters where seniors gather for dancing, chess, exercise & conversation. The company also periodically organizes activities for employees’ parents. Their sons and daughters need not worry about them while at work!
  Full-time mothers are a unique part of the SMIC family. The Mothers’ Club provides opportunities for full-time mothers to share and develop. In the Club, mothers can learn from each other, exchange life experiences, and share in joyful moments. Since our employees come from all over the world, this helps mothers to get used to and enjoy the life here. Mothers make close friends in the Club and become active volunteers in the community. They radiate energy which influences others.
  SMIC values the personal development of its younger employees. Many programs are provided to enrich their after-work life, including classes in dance, painting, handicrafts, arts, languages, computers, cooking and etiquette. These programs help employees to develop their potential in areas outside work and become more well-rounded individuals.
A Harmonious Company SMIC is committed to building a friendly working environment and harmonious employer-employee relationship. Toward this goal, innovative ideas and open communications are always encouraged and rewarded. The company has established various communications channels to listen to employees and resolve their problems, including HR Contact Windows, internal online forums and regular face-to-face meetings. Human resources staff not only listen, but also provide timely assistance to employees and mediate conflicts. Our Reward & Discipline Policy also works to secure a positive working environment for our employees.

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