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Environment, Safety & Health

In our daily operations, we focus on product innovation and quality control while putting an emphasis on preventing environmental pollution, using energy and natural resources effectively, protecting our human resources and preventing harmful accidents. We believe this is vital to employee well-being and corporate responsibility as we raise environmental protection, safety, and health (ESH) standards for every employee at SMIC. We are striving to be environmentally responsible through continuous improvements. We aim to strengthen our operational risk management to ensure the continued growth of SMIC.

To achieve the above goals, SMIC is committed to:
Following ESH regulations and international protocols while fulfilling customer requirements
Making environmental protection and employee safety and health a primary responsibility for every SMIC manager
Carrying out site ESH management through employee ownership and teamwork
Establishing a “green” supply chain and using environmentally responsible manufacturing processes
Strengthening accident prevention measures and emergency response and recovery capabilities
SMIC's Environmental Protection Management

SMIC's environmental protection goals are based on regulatory compliance, protection of our surroundings, pollution control, accidental discharge prevention, and environmentally-friendly products. SMIC established ISO 14001 (which focuses on environmental management) and QC 080000 (which focuses on control of hazardous substances) certification and are audited annually by third parties. SMIC also established ISO 14064 (carbon verification) certification at all sites in 2010. Environmental protection is achieved through:

Planning and implementing environmental protection projects and driving energy saving and waste reduction efforts
Sorting and recycling waste products
Supervising and managing the transfer and safe handling of hazardous waste by qualified vendors
Controlling hazardous substances in our products and processes
Carrying out environmental protection monitoring, including carbon verification, and publicizing the results
ISO 14001 Certification

As a reflection of SMIC's dedication to protecting the environment, SMIC achieved ISO 14001 certification from the British Standards Institute in 2002. ISO 14001 is a voluntary international standard that establishes requirements for a world-class environmental management system. With this system in place, SMIC can ensure its responsible use of energy and materials through improvements in recycling, waste reduction and pollution prevention.

QC 080000 Certification

In February 2006, SMIC's mega-fab in Shanghai was certified as a Sony Green Partner. This recognizes SMIC as an environmentally conscious enterprise and highlights its commitment to environmental protection throughout its product development.
In March 2006, SMIC’s Shanghai Green Product Management System (GPMS) passed SGS' audit, which certified SMIC's wafer products to be in compliance with the European Union's RoHS Directive. Since that time, all SMIC's sites have received QC 080000 certification, which also demonstrates compliance with RoHS. These systems not only require annual product testing, but also establish a systematic and effective method to ensure products are environmentally friendly.

Cleaner Production

Cleaner Production is a methodology that can be adopted to minimize or eliminate the impact of one's production to human health and the environment. This can be achieved in many ways, notably through pollution reduction at the source, efficient resource utilization, and reduction or elimination of pollution from production, maintenance, and product usage. All SMIC sites have passed the government’s on-site Cleaner Production audit.

ISO 14064 Certification

SMIC is actively dedicated to protecting the environment by implementing energy saving measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In order to calculate our greenhouse gas output and to reach a reduction goal, all SMIC sites obtained ISO 14064 certification in 2010. ISO 14064 is an international standard against which greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reports are voluntarily verified.

SMIC's Safety and Health Management
SMIC's safety management philosophy is based on a culture of accountability and accident prevention. This is achieved through:
Mandatory safety training for employees and vendors
Compliance of equipment and facilities with domestic and international safety standards, such as those of: Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FMRC)
Establishment of process standards
An Emergency Response Center that is staffed 24 hours a day to centralize emergency response at each SMIC site
Continuous monitoring through closed-circuit TV cameras and gas detectors in work areas
Monitoring airborne chemicals, air quality, radiation, noise and drinking water
Occupational health examinations
Training in ergonomics
Establishment of an ESH rewards and discipline committee whereby employees—and in some cases, their managers—are rewarded or disciplined for major ESH achievements or violations
OHSAS 18001 Certification

SMIC’s Shanghai site first attained OHSAS 18001 (Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series) certification from the British Standard Institute in September 2003; subsequently, all other sites also received OHSAS 18001 certification. SMIC's safety and health management is based on the framework of the OHSAS 18001 management system, and uses information technology to continually improve our "Plan-Do-Check-Act" (P-D-C-A) cycle to prevent accidents and improve employees' safety and health.

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