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  SMIC is proud to have been selected as a constituent company of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index. For more on the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series please visit the official Hang Seng Indexes website: www.hsi.com.hk  


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Corporate Social Responsibility
SMIC works hard to foster Trust, care for People, and protect the Environment.
We are committed to protecting the interests of our many stakeholders, from employees and neighbors, to customers, partners, and investors worldwide. Our work in these areas is our way of building a more harmonious society.

  • Responsibility is at the heart of SMIC culture. Our commitment to responsibility is seen in our products, which are made with advanced technologies that require the trust of our partners and governments worldwide. The company was established with a focus on people and community, and the results can be seen at all SMIC sites, where we have built residential communities with comfortable homes and leading private schools.
  • Responsibility is at the center of SMIC institutions. Commitment to corporate social responsibility is embraced by our top executives. Leaders of key functions form our CSR Committee, which coordinates our practices concerning legal compliance and care for people and the environment. By institutionalizing CSR at SMIC, we ensure that we meet our commitments, and that our practices are aligned with the best in the industry.

Examples of SMIC’s commitment to be a responsible business tell the story of our company. We are proud of our achievements in each area, and continuously seek to improve.


The trust of our stakeholders is critical for our success. Moreover, as a public company listed on the Stock Exchanges of New York and Hong Kong since 2004, we must comply with strict legal requirements for corporate governance, financial accounting, and transparent reporting. Thus, it is SMIC’s policy to comply with the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and industry standards. Several key areas are detailed below.
Intellectual Property Protection
Regulatory Compliance
Industry Standards


Our company’s success depends on the well-being of our staff and the communities where we operate. We ensure that our employees receive fair treatment, good health benefits, and meaningful opportunities for advancement. Together, we fuel the economic and social development of our communities. From our founding in 2000, SMIC has attracted far-sighted people who make a difference across our industry and around the world. Our employees and their families have inspired and led our good corporate citizenship.
SMIC Residential Communities
SMIC Schools
Employee Health
Employee Development
Fostering Community at SMIC
Social Donation


Environmental stewardship is at the core of our mission, from our facilities’ safety to our impact on natural resources a world away. Among semiconductor foundries, we are a leader in workplace safety and innovations to mitigate environmental impact. The results of our efforts benefit our neighbors and stakeholders, and are felt first in our own communities, which are safe and clean.

“Green” policies are good business. As our customers seek to understand and minimize their environmental footprints, we support their work by doing the same. As we begin our second decade, we continue to refine means to measure consumption, conserve resources, and replace harmful products and emissions with responsible alternatives.

Environment, Safety, and Health
Cleaner Production
Air and Water Conservation
Natural Gas Conservation
Electricity Conservation
Waste Reduction and Recycling
Responsible Living at SMIC

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